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Curzon Advisers® provides a wide range of services from underwriting and due diligence to asset management and disposition. Utilizing a rigorous valuation and asset management approach, Curzon Advisers' dedicated asset management teams continually evaluate execution strategies to maximize returns.

Underwriting, Valuation and
Due Diligence

Underwriting, Valuation and Due Diligence

Financial and legal due diligence and underwriting tasks, such as the valuation of real estate and loans collateralized by real estate, are conducted by Curzon. Utilizing proprietary models, Curzon professionals evaluate each investment opportunity using a granular approach whereby each individual asset within a portfolio is underwritten and priced. In addition, Curzon continually monitors real estate market developments throughout the United States and Europe.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Assets acquired by Kildare's investment vehicles are exclusively managed by Curzon. Upon acquisition, assets are managed by a dedicated team that formulates an action plan taking into account each aspect of the asset management process from cash collection to the targeted liquidation strategy. These plans are regularly evaluated and updated to optimize returns and manage risk. Curzon's approach to asset management utilizes a streamlined process that allows asset management teams to execute business plans in an expedient, value-maximizing manner.

Curzon Advisers employs approximately 18 professionals throughout the United States and Europe.